This is the last day to sign up to join the swap, so if you've been thinking about it, but haven't signed up yet now is the time!!

Swap partner assignments will begin going out today. Everyone should have their spoilee information by this Wednesday. If you don't get an email about who your partner is by Wednesday evening go ahead and send an email to your group hostess.
Mailing Requirements
All U.S. residents are required to purchase Delivery Confirmation for your packages. You MUST send your hostess the confirmation number after mailing your package. If you live in another country and are able to get some type of tracking information for your package this will suffice.

U.S. Flat Rate Boxes
Hopefully many of you know about this option, which the postal service provides. Flat Rate boxes!! Whatever you can fit into this box will only cost you $9.80 to ship, plus your Certified Mail or Certificate of Mailing fees. The joy of it is that you can get the boxes from the postal service for free. You can either order them online or visit your local postal site and request them in person. I hear that they also have a flat rate box for $12.95.

We have been very pleasantly surprised to discover that as of this afternoon the Swap had already reached the limit set of 36 people. Because of so many quick responses, your hostesses met in The Coffee Lounge and decided that we will expand the limit to 75 people. Each hostess would have a maximum of 25 caffeine-addicted people in her group. If you have friends who love Starbucks and yarn, invite them to join the fun! Sign ups close June 30th.

The Coffee Lounge is now open for everyone to utilize. The link is at the top of the lefthand sidebar and the password needed to enter is Coffeebean (capitalize the C). Please drop in anytime and start getting to know others.
I hope that you are as excited about this swap as I am. I love, love, love Starbucks. Now that I work two full-time jobs I've become rather addicted, actually. So, to bring others into my cup of coffee the School of Swap on Ravelry have decided to help me in hosting the Starbucks and Yarn swap.

What are we swapping?

Swap Package Requirements:

Package Value: $25 - $35
(Not including shipping)

1. One Skein of yarn

2. One handmade item. Choose which one of the following that you'd like to receive:

  • Bag
  • Cup Cozy
  • Mug Coaster

3. Choose which Starbucks item you'd like to receive:

  • Coffee beans
  • Gift Card
  • Starbucks Mug
Email the following information to

  1. Name (First and Last)
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Blog (If applicable)
  4. Ravelry ID (If applicable)
  5. Email Address (required)
  6. Handmade Item you'd like to receive
  7. Starbucks Item you'd like to receive
  8. Allergies

We will follow up with a questionnaire that you will need to fill out and email to your partner once you are paired up. Feel free to right-click on any of the Swap Logo's to your left or right and post them to your blogs. We need all the free advertising we can get! :)
Last day to sign up is June 30th!

This swap is limited to 36 participants